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Botello is a Swedish real estate company, part of the Serendipity Group, with a vision is to ease the growing problem of lack of housing capacities, Botello is creating quality accommodations at affordable prices while equipping homeowners with an extra income.

My Role

As a UI/UX designer, I led design initiatives, researched competitors, defined style and branding, collaborated with external developer agency, conducted stakeholder interviews, performed internal testing, and crafted wireframes and high-fidelity screens.

Web Design

UI Design

UX Design

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UX Research



Collaborating with Codeus, an external software development agency, added complexity to coordinate between design and development teams. Updating brand identity for Botello posed challenges, particularly in adopting a visually engaging light style with bold colors.

Planning the platform involved careful consideration of essential features for a user-friendly experience, prioritizing thoughtful design to accommodate diverse user roles: Botello Admin, Tenant, and Owner. The project demanded a blend of creative problem-solving, strategic decision-making, and effective teamwork to overcome these challenges successfully.


I conducted an in-depth study of their business model and performed extensive research on the competitive landscape and industry trends for benchmarking. Collaborating with stakeholders, we defined user personas, meticulously mapped the platform and explored style directions for credibility and innovation.

I then crafted wireframes and high-fidelity screens, translating conceptual ideas into visual representations. Rigorous internal testing and quality assurance processes ensured a seamless user experience, validating design effectiveness. This end-to-end approach guaranteed that each project phase contributed to Botello's successful digital transformation.

Smooth onboarding with a familiar touch

Users can effortlessly access the platform by logging in with either their email or the exclusive Bank ID—a sophisticated electronic identification system unique to Sweden. This tailored authentication process ensures a secure and user-friendly experience, aligning with Sweden's advanced digital identity standards.

Seamlessly Monitor, Analyze, and Download Your invoices

Users have the flexibility to review comprehensive details of their invoices, including due dates and statuses. With a simple interface, they can delve deeper into each invoice type, gaining a thorough overview, and have the option to download the necessary documents for their records.

Document Discovery Hub

Navigate through a wealth of information effortlessly on the platform. Whether it's your rental agreement, comprehensive manuals, instructive tutorials, or legal documents, users can seamlessly explore and employ a user-friendly search function to swiftly locate the precise information they need.

Report and monitor issues

Beyond reporting, the platform allows users to monitor the real-time status of the reported malfunctions, ensuring transparency and prompt resolution.


My involvement with Botello centered on crafting a user-centric platform tailored to accommodate the diverse needs of multifaceted personas. Ensuring responsiveness was a key focus, allowing seamless interaction across various devices and screen sizes.

The success of this endeavor is underscored by Botello's achievement of multiple investment goals during the platform's development and implementation. The platform's ability to resonate with and cater to distinct user profiles has not only contributed to its usability but has also played a pivotal role in attracting and securing significant investment.