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Lepaya is an L&D Technology and Power Skill training app with a vision to connect people’s potential to business impact. Lepaya enables fully globally distributed teams to grow confidence in navigating organizational change.

My Role

In my role at Lepaya, I played a vital role in redesigning the mobile employee skill scan app to align with new brand guidelines. Working with a cross-functional team, including a senior designer, graphic designer, and head of product, I addressed user issues, improved feedback mechanisms, and contributed to intuitive data visualization.

Overall, I combined creativity, technical expertise, and a user-centric approach to contribute to the app's successful redesign while solving existing user issues.

UI Design

UX Design

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When I started working on improving Lepaya's organization and employee skill scan apps with my team, we faced several challenges. One of my goals was to redesign the mobile employee skill scan app to match the new brand guidelines. This meant not only being creative but also adhering to specific rules. Identifying and solving existing user problems based on testing required a deep understanding of what users needed.

Coming up with an innovative way to gather feedback within the app was tricky and demanded creative thinking, as well as understanding Lepaya power skills and how the rating system works. We also had to work on increasing user engagement, developing an easy-to-use feedback feature, and figuring out how to visualize data effectively. On top of that, we added multiple supporters to provide their feedback about the employee, which added another layer of complexity. Overcoming these challenges required teamwork, technical know-how, and adaptability.


The process involved conducting regular interviews with the head of the product, analyzing the user feedback they collected, and performing my own UX research to discover an innovative method for gathering employee feedback.

Additionally, I worked on creating an intuitive and easily understandable way to represent data, incorporating ratings from multiple supporters. Ultimately, I led the redesign of the app to align with their updated brand guidelines.

Smart Feedback

Faced with the challenge of increasing user participation in providing feedback, the solution emerged in the form of a well-tailored modal.

Recognizing the significance of user effort, the modal was designed to trigger specifically after a negative response, presenting pre-defined answers to streamline the feedback process. By simplifying the user experience, this approach not only reduced the effort required from users but also ensured valuable feedback was obtained.

Easily understand your progress

The innovative data visualization approach significantly improved the user experience by enhancing clarity and ease of understanding.

Users and their supporters could now grasp information more readily, making it simpler to track progress and draw insights from the data. This improvement streamlined the overall experience, fostering a more user-friendly and efficient interaction with the app.

Redesign that connects with the brand

The redesign provided a cohesive and polished identity that resonated with their audience. The cohesive design elements instilled a sense of professionalism and trust, enhancing the overall user experience, but also making it easier for users to understand lepaya power skill model.


During my time with Lepaya, we worked together to make substantial improvements to the user experience. Team held frequent meetings and design thinking sessions to brainstorm and refine ideas.

The introduction of a smart feedback feature significantly increased user engagement, and the clear and easy-to-understand visualizations in the reports enhanced the overall user experience.

The positive changes didn't go unnoticed—Lepaya secured additional seed funding during the presentation of the revamped skill scan app, showcasing the success of our collaborative efforts.