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2023 is the most reliable and data-backed developer agency hiring platform. With 150+ objective data points, our due diligence process allows procurement teams to see and review documentation instantly, allowing hiring managers to build teams quickly.

My Role

At, I encountered my most significant challenge to date. Upon joining the team, I undertook a thorough examination of their business model, application process, and matching algorithms to precisely identify user needs and address existing user experience issues.

Collaborating closely with the product team, we conducted comprehensive user interviews and mapped out the platform with the dual goals of enhancing user retention and streamlining the matching process.

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User Research




There were many challenges during the project. The majority of our matching process relied on external tools, demanding significant manual effort from the Pangea team.

Additionally, many clients utilizing the platform for agency selection primarily communicated through email, resulting in infrequent returns to the platform.

Overcoming these hurdles became even more pressing due to a tight deadline for the comprehensive revamp of the client platform and the imperative to enhance handoff efficiency.


As part of the product team, I delved into an in-depth analysis of the user feedback we had gathered and studied our competitors extensively. This process aimed to pinpoint the most crucial user needs and gain a deeper understanding of the market advantage we could offer.

Following our comprehensive analysis and research, we initiated a fresh mapping of the platform, introducing new features to automate the matching process and boost user retention.

In the final phase, we executed a redesign of the client app, implementing the material design system to enhance design efficiency and streamline the handoff process for developers.

Global Search

Pangea empowers agencies by providing a platform to showcase their talents and case studies. The incorporation of a global search feature not only promotes user exploration but also enhances user retention.

With this feature, clients can effortlessly navigate and filter through various agencies, talents, and case studies, allowing them to connect with agencies instantly, bypassing the need to fill out a detailed brief.

Optimized Smart Brief

The introduction of Smart Brief on our platform enables clients to seamlessly connect with agencies tailored to their project's tech stack. Previously, our brief process utilized an external tool, Typeform, diverting users away from the Pangea platform and presenting challenges with disorganized data points that demanded significant user effort.

To address this, we reevaluated the entire brief structure, streamlined the data points, and successfully integrated Smart Brief directly into the platform. This not only reduces user friction but also ensures a more efficient and user-friendly experience for clients.

AI Matching

In the early stages, manually matching briefs with relevant agencies demanded substantial effort from the Pangea team. The introduction of AI Matching revolutionized this process, automating it entirely.

Now, agencies are instantly matched with clients, complete with a matching percentage and additional data points. This implementation has not only optimized but also accelerated the collaboration between clients and agencies on the Pangea platform.

Redesign that speaks volumes

By adopting a Material Design system, we were able to redesign the platform swiftly. This not only allowed us to include all the necessary features but also helped us enhance the user experience and address some less urgent issues. The advantage?

It made the product more scalable and easier to manage in the long run. The switch to a unified design system made the development process smoother, ensuring improved efficiency and adaptability for the product."


Collaboratively, we pinpointed the primary issues users faced on the platform and executed a swift redesign, overhauling the entire platform. We established scalable guidelines by implementing the Material Design system and integrated features to automate processes, thereby boosting user retention.

The introduction of global search and chat functionalities significantly heightened user engagement, enhancing the overall user experience.

Through automated matching, clients can effortlessly complete briefs, connecting with relevant agencies promptly. This streamlined process allowed the Pangea team to redirect focus to other tasks, contributing to increased efficiency.