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ProductionCrate FX is the first mobile VFX studio that allows you to create exciting special effects in seconds. Built with flawless real-time motion tracking and 3D rendering, you have the power to create incredibly immersive video fx without any technical knowledge required.

My Role

In my role on the ProductionCrate app, I led a comprehensive initiative that began with conducting stakeholder interviews to meticulously map out their feature preferences. To enhance our competitive edge, I conducted a thorough analysis of rival apps, delving into user reviews to identify both strengths and weaknesses. 

Using this foundation, I mapped out intuitive user journeys and designed an interface emphasizing simplicity and user-centricity.

UI Design

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User Research




While I had experience with ProductionCrate's web library, diving into the AR app realm presented new challenges. Navigating uncharted territory, I extensively tested and analyzed competitor apps.

The vague project brief added complexity, necessitating in-depth stakeholder interviews to precisely define the app's scope. Balancing a sophisticated UI aligned with ProductionCrate's brand while ensuring user-friendly complexity posed another significant challenge.


In navigating the design process, a methodical approach was essential to tackle the presented challenges effectively. I initiated the design journey by conducting frequent stakeholder interviews, aiming to clearly define the app's scope.

Following this, I engaged in comprehensive testing and a thorough analysis of competitor apps, seeking not only to understand the market landscape but also to identify user needs. Subsequently, I moved on to defining distinct user personas and mapping out the core journey of the app.

The pivotal task then became striking a balance between a sophisticated UI that reflected the well-known ProductionCrate branding and the necessity for a user-friendly approach.

Throughout this process, an iterative design approach, coupled with continuous testing and refinement, proved instrumental in successfully addressing and overcoming the challenges encountered along the way.

Frictionless experience!

The option to skip the sign-up process within the app has been strategically implemented. This option allows user to see the real value of the app quickly and reduce the bounce rates, as well as increase the user engagement.

Efficiently manage your videos and easily organize your album

Recorded videos and downloaded effects are stored in your virtual album for easy access. You can explore your collection, download, remove or share them with friends. All recorded videos are automatically saved and can be sorted by categories or searched for specific ones.

Flawless Real time motion tracking

Beyond reporting, the platform allows users to monitor the real-time status of the reported malfunctions, ensuring transparency and prompt resolution.


The careful design process for the ProductionCrate AR app, with its user-friendly approach and the introduction of the skip sign-up option, has led to some notable positive outcomes.

The Monthly Active Users (MAUs) have gone up significantly as users found it easy to start using the app right away. The retention rate has also improved, meaning more users stick around and keep using the app over time.

Moreover, the skip option has made the handoff to developers more efficient, reducing the time it takes for users to get started and lowering the chances of them dropping off early in the process.